The Al-Khayyat Foundation

Helping those displaced by conflict to rebuild safe, healthy and happy lives and secure bright futures.


The Al-Khayyat Foundation is a grant-making foundation that was set up in 2012.  It is funded by Moutaz Al-Khayyat and his family to help those displaced by conflict in the Middle East to rebuild safe, healthy and happy lives and secure bright futures.

The foundation has a broad-reaching remit. We support a range of initiatives – from organisations providing critical lifesaving supplies to those in urgent need to longer-term educational and healthcare programmes and international refugee scholarships.

The Al-Khayyat Foundation is registered as a charitable entity in both the US and Canada. We donate to programmes around the world, with a particular emphasis on supporting those affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria.



The Al-Khayyat Foundation focuses its efforts on the Middle East while also supporting displaced communities across the globe. We partner with organisations large and small who share our values, know their communities and can guarantee that our funding gets to those who need it.

Humanitarian Aid

Conflict in the Middle East has left millions of people displaced, living in informal tented settlements without access to food, water, sanitation or healthcare. These are urgent concerns. The Al-Khayyat Foundation supports programmes that provide vital assistance to the most vulnerable in their time of need.

Education and Employment

Lacking skills and education are real barriers to employment for many refugees. We fund organisations that provide further education, vocational training and access to the labour market support refugees to re-enter work, make a living and support their families with dignity.

Emotional Support and Wellbeing

Many refugees have endured unimaginable hardships and faced devasting losses. However, the psychological impact of the refugee experience is often overlooked. The Al-Khayyat Foundation looks to partner with organisations offering mental health support and counselling.

Current Partners

The Al-Khayyat Foundation is proud to be supporting these programs. We are proud to partner with organisations large and small who share our vision for a more equitable future for all.

Seek Funding

We understand that Covid-19 has presented particular challenges for the charities and non-profit sectors. If you need funding and believe your organisation or initiative is aligned with our mission, please complete form to apply.


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