Student Refugee Scholarships

AlKhayyat Foundation is providing substantial financial support to the Emergency Student Fund of the Institute of International Education to award scholarships to 43 Syrian students enrolled in U.S. colleges and universities. All of the students face an urgent financial need due to the ongoing conflict in Syria. Mr. Al-Khayyat is committed to helping Syrian students remain enrolled in their U.S. degree programs so that they will be better prepared to assist their country in the future. The IIE received 65 nominations for the scholarships from 34 colleges and universities in 19 states.  The nominees were facing dire financial difficulties because their families at home could no longer fund their studies.  Priority was given to nominated students with the most urgent financial need who are currently enrolled in full-time degree programs and are scheduled to graduate in spring 2015.  The 43 scholarship recipients were from all levels of higher education, ranging from undergraduate to the doctoral level and represented many different fields of study. The D.C.-based Al Waref Institute also contributed financial support to the scholarships.  Technical support was provided by the U.S. Department of State. "Students have endured hardship situations due to the current crisis in Syria. Families have been forced to leave their country and struggle to start new lives while also tasked with keeping these students in the universities," said Mr. Al-Khayyat. "Supporting their education during this time and providing funding to continue their studies in the United States is of great importance to me and to the Syrian community living in the U.S.  Education is vital to the Syrian societies and these students are the pillars of the Syrian future."