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Chairman’s Letter
By Moutaz Alkhayyat

Dear Friends and Supporters,

My home country, Syria, has suffered greatly over the past five years from a conflict that shows no sign of an end. Over two hundred thousand deaths, the displacement of nearly half of the population, and the complete devastation of major cities are just few aspects of this unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Children were especially affected as millions of school-aged Syrian children lost access to their most basic needs, including education.

While the continuously increasing assistance needs are too large for any individual or nation to handle unilaterally, I truly believe that the collective action of those yearning to help the victims of conflict can make a tangible and significant difference. With that spirit, I established Alkhayyat Foundation, a U.S.-based non-for-profit organization that aims to secure a better future for vulnerable and underserved communities in the Middle East region.

At the Alkhayyat Foundation, we believe that education is a cornerstone of a stable society. The Foundation is currently focused on providing education and employable skills as well as creating the necessary environment for refugees and internally displaced persons to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to take part in building a brighter future for their communities. This is achieved through direct grants and in-kind support to our international organizations and educational institutions partners.

While the Foundation does not accept any outside donations, I do encourage you to make a contribution to our partner United Nations’ agencies who are currently working to aid refugees. This includes the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR).

I sincerely hope that this effort can play a part and building a more prosperous and peaceful future in the Middle East.

Moutaz Alkhayyat
Chairman, Alkhayyat Foundation

adminChairman’s Letter
By Moutaz Alkhayyat

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